Monday, May 28, 2007

People...they spoil a perfectly good universe

G'day peoplecreatures...

What spoils life; people. People who have the brains of shellfish, the drives of beasts and the souls of...well, you'd have to care to have a soul, so that's right out.

I have, of late, had a great and abiding wish to see people that I know, many of whom that I work with, given back the things that they give out in spades. Here's why;

1. I am tired of people competing where there is no competition. Why must people create drama when there should be none? Why must people compete for things, like title and place, where there is none? I know not. I would like these people consigned to a hell where, even if they gave their own entrails as payment, IT WOULD STILL NOT BE ENOUGH TO GET THEM PROMOTED TO BEING A STEPLADDER!!!!

2. I am tired of hypocrisy. Why, when you show kindness, is it suspect? I am sure this is a byproduct of the first problem. Foolish people who suspect everything everyone else does because they, themselves are ingenuous fucks who couldn't be decent even if they were FORCED TO! They do there best to hurt, to slander, to sneak and slide the blade in backstabwise whenever they can...this is the majority, this is the wall that must be surmounted otherwise you drown in a sea of their nastiness even though you just, really, down deep, want to be a good person (an odd term these day, I know). These bastards are so busy suspecting and then counter-screwing each other, they've forgotten what a shred of any good intentions could ever be.

3. I am tired of people who couldn't use their brains if they knew where they were. They can consider the fucking soap operas, the reality shows, their expensive hand bags made of the skins of third-world peoples, they can be busy with their partying and ordering their kids to compete and create in the ways they never could, trying to live out their lost glories by proxy...USE YOUR OWN LIVES, LIVE THEM YOURSELVES YOU IDIOTS!!

As you can see, I'm just tired, but there are days, many days, when I just want to be WORSE than they are, to be as destructive to them as they are to others and laugh, oh yes, to laugh at their pain as they do so many people. Still I wait, still I watch, still, I am patient because to drop below the line, to sink below the surface, would make me feel too dirty...still...

Dok Foolkiller

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