Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Do people deserve a throttling?

No, that's too good for them.

I've always been one to believe that a person should be held accountable for their actions, but people shouldn't be beaten senseless (well, maybe a little.) They should be given a far harsher punishement; they should be made to walk in other's shoes. They should get the chance to be shown just how bad they are when they get treated exactly the way they treat others.

Bullies should get bullied,
Abusers should recieve the fruits of their abuse,
Rapists should be sodomized,
and murderers, no, that would be too fucking easy.

People have no goddamn introspection, they don't see what they do. They don't realize that they're just cattle and no matter how hard they try to hide it; in the clothes they wear, in the platitudes they puke forth, in the supposed charity that they give and their lousy attempts to cleanse themselves of their guilt by going to a church and thinking that by being "absolved" of their sins that they truly are not guilty. How pathetic.

You want to fix something, Mr. West Side aristocrat, you want to be better, Ms. Suburban Dumbass, You want to be "cool", Ms. Hick-in-the-store-bought-face? Go out and be KIND, be UNDERSTANDING, be REAL, because that's all that counts. The rest is all colored contacts, liposuction, liquour-induced coma and clothes more expensive that the gross national product of fucking Bolivia.

You want to be real? See through someone elses eyes, try to use some compassion (although I know for most of them, that's as foreign as Iraq.)

The world is what we make it, so the next time you ask "what the fuck happened", look in the mirror, genius.

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