Thursday, May 31, 2007


There is nothing a crotchety old white guy like myself loves is when a big dumb wealthy athlete has too much money. Then you can't buy class like this, can you ? Michael Vick of the Falcons has decided to invest in horrific animal practices such as ghetto -glorified Pit Bull Fighting.
Pit Bull fighting is the ghetto animal sport and it looks as if Mr. FalCON's whole family
also indulges in this sickness. Watch this jackass wind up on the Browns roster after this publicity backlash :

Article from Deadspin

hhh! dog zombies!

Michael Vick Has Bad Luck With Pets

Michael Vick, you bastard!

You moved the headstones, but you didn't move the graves! You didn't move the graves!

A search warrant issued, but not served, on the property owned by Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick sought to unearth the remains of "approximately 30 dogs buried in various locations on the property." The warrant stated "reliable sources of information reveal" the presence of the dog remains and, on May 22, "was informed that on or about April 23, 2007, that seven pit bulls were destroyed and buried in shallow graves on the property."

At this point, whatever happens to Michael Vick he completely deserves. What's next, baby smuggling? You have to give him one thing, though: This was a unique way to go down.

We just pray to God he's not involved in cat juggling.

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Can you see this sick bastad's FIGHtIN DAWG SAUCE ? A bottled barbeque sauce carried by Heinen's with Staffordshire Terriers ( or ' PITS ) locked jaw to jaw tearing each other apart on the bottle label while you slop that on your picnic table fixings in front of your children ?

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